I am looking for someone to bless this organization with seed money to fullfill the ultimate goal of establishing a non profit foundation to assist those who are in need of assistance and cannot afford what is really required to deliver them from the wolf at the door. Living on the streets for over 6 of the last 9 years having lost a large home in 2010 (paid for 15yrs) due to a ballon loan. I am looking for seed money to establish and become a non profit. Thank you for consideration


International training for my BAS resulted in this trek in search for God. The main body of the story takes place in Macedonia 2008 North of Greece. We were embedded with Macedonia military. We experienced real life training with guns at our heads at times, bombs blowing up around us, and living in barracks and tents. 

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Celebrate Eve Foundation is not fully established yet due to lack of money. So as of right now, donations are not tax deductible. Bless You. 


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LOVE IS THE FULFILLMENT OF THE LAW   (i.e. Torah, Prophecies, prophets, Commandments etc.)

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