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International training resulted in this trek in search for God. The main body of the story takes place in Macedonia 2008 North of Greece. We were embedded with the Macedonia military. We experienced real life training with guns at our heads at times, bombs blowing up around us, and living in barracks and tents. 

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This is a story of a single Father on a training mission to Europe and his internal struggles with God, Jesus and other Great Philosophical Leaders in history. He struggles with our InJustice System as he wears a Badge. Like Paul, We give Thanks for ALL things. 

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​Part of my Business plan is to offer Merchandise that I have accumulated for many years for a donation. I have literally 1000's of near pristene condition. Crime, adventure, detective books by Male and female authors that are well established. Stephen King, Ludlam, Dan Brown, Danielle Steele, and Many More. I also have a collection of older Books (1000's). I personally like the older books. 
We also have a collection of OIL Paintings, some are well known with their own Galleries now. I expect to auction some of them, they are that good. 
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A massive old record collection. ALL Genres.  

Thank you so very much assisting me in carrying forth my message of LOVE and Truth.

GOD IS LOVE Source Energy

 And it powers the prevailing forces of this universe. I have felt it run throughout my Body in a dream in 1989 as depicted in my free Ebook. 

There are many ways to Heaven, Nirvana, Xanadu, Paradise, and whatever name we call it. Read in the Afterword of my FREE E Book in the About The Author section, how Jesus told me Himself in a Dream in 1989, as I was 'Entering the Light' 

Jesus is a big player and I have Always liked Him best.