in September 2017, Pictured Above is a friend a month after I 'brought him Back from the Dead'.
A team of Doctors had advised his wife and Parents to authorize disconection of life sustaining tubes and breathing machines, as he had zero Brain Activity and would never come back. 

He had a brain aneurysm explode. 
They further advised the parents and wife to 'pull the plug', 

I Walked into his ICU the next morning. He could not breathe on his own. There were NO BRAIN WAVES.

It became a 'Lazarus' moment. My booming voice and God's presence filled the Halls Of ICU for what seemed like an hour Piercing the Eerie silence of the Multitude of Bodies seemingly awaiting calls of Death from the Charlatans of Quackery,
​The Power of Prayer is Real. 

Joe Hill   AA,   AS CJT,   BAS PSA     2004- 2009


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May 2nd 2021 I called my friend Amie (I loved her so much) in Orlando. She was in ICU telling her Gma Good Bye. 

The Hospital Priest had given Gma last Rites and had allowed Amie in to say good bye.

She took a Selfie and asked me to pray. Hung up, Prayed. Was told later her Gma showed immediate improvement and 4 hours later tested negative for Covid.

Gma went Home a couple of days later. 
Praying from a distance was effective in this case. Me and Amie were Spiritually connected at that time.