"You cannot know cold unless there is hot, up unless there is a down, left unless there is a right. Do not condemn the one and bless the other. To do so is to fail to understand. 

For centuries people have been condemning Adam and Eve. They have said to have committed Original Sin. I tell you this; It was the Original Blessing. For without this event, the partaking of the knowledge of Good and Evil, you would not even know the two possibilities existed! Indeed before the so called Fall of Adam, these two possibilities did not exist. There was no "evil'. Everyone and everything in a state of constant perfection. It was , literally; paradise. Yet you didn't know it was paradise- could not experience it as perfection- because you knew nothing else. 

Shall you then condemn Adam or Eve, or Thank Them? "

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Here below is an Excerpt from "Conversations With God" Author Neale Donald Walsh and explains why we should Celebrate Eve.                    book 2 page 57

Joe Hill   AA,   AS CJT,   BAS PSA     2004- 2009

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