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Disclosure has already occurred. DR Steven Greer has spearheaded the effort by organizing a massive amount of credible people (many who are former Military) who have had Top Secret Security Clearances and are willing to reveal what the Federal Govt has known all along. Washington DC 2001 Many of the people who testify here had their experiences in the 60's 70's and 80's.

Full Disclosure is coming. God is still real. The Aliens Know God also. 

The novel by Erich Von Daniken (I pray I get to meet this great Man), CHARIOTS OF THE GODS is a good starter to assist in one's understanding of Human History beyond the confines of the Bible. The Sumerians were a far advanced society. India had Flying machines and floating cities. The  Mahabharata and Vedic texts are so revealing. Von Daniken is truly a hand of GOD. It is time for TRUTH. I will continue to preach truth also. A House (church) cannot be built on the sands of LIES. ONLY the bedrock of TRUTH and it will stand the winds of time. 

13K years ago Aliens made a DNA change on the existing Hominids of Earth for Slavery purposes explained in Von Daniken's books. 

This video is available for free on Roku and Amazon Prime. Trailer is 2 mins long

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This is a video made during Trump Admin when he formed the new Space Force and an idea why. 2 minutes long.

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