What you need to know about the book of Enoch and the age of the Fallen. WTV site has many good videos. 

Origins of Man. Knowledge known by many and kept to the very elite. A person starts thinking different when the truth is known. 

This is the kind of video that makes you go HMMM.  I believe the Vatican knows like I do that the Snake in Eden was the good guy. Just as many Mystery Religions, Ask yourself this. Do you want to be a cow in a field being watched by a "Good Shepard" being 'taken care of', or a free will  knowledgeable Spirit inside a Flesh suit? Bite the Apple Baby. Celebrate Eve. 

The novel by Zacharia Sitchin a Lost Book of Enki is a good starter to assist in one's understanding of Human History beyond the confines of the Bible. The Sumerians were a far advanced society using Alien technology because the Aliens needed labor workers. 

There are better videos of the Story of Enki and Elil or El.  Two Alien brothers fighting for control of the Earth. 

A good video about our Secret Space Program. 


BEST VIDEO YET OF EXPLANATION OF THE ORIGINS OF THE BIBLE. Probably one of the most inclusive and comprehensive video yet of the explanation of God(s) of the bible. It explains the 'cloak' of the allegories of the Bible and their non religious correct interpretations. Extremely worth the hour. The one thing I disagree with is that where this video speaks of metaphors and symbologies, in my opinion, the Bible speaks of real events and people that through the divine construct of God, real life events coincided with Life to exemplify the lessons we each signed on for before we came here for a life we chose to compete in. CLICK ON BUTTON ABOVE. THANK YOU

Atheist finds GOD after he dies. And He finds what I teach. In the end, Jesus is King. But there are many ways to Him. 

​A Message of Love and Truth.  

The original Christians believed in reincarnation. Emperor  Justinian 545 AD decreed it to be not allowed. If this video does not convince anyone that reincarnation is real, there  are other videos detailing other incidents that should prove it to them. 

Words have power over your life and others. Tesla says that we, at our  basic origin, are Light and Frequency. The meaning of the great I Am. 

Joel says Words and Prayer Have Power.     in September 2017, a former boy friend of my daughter had a brain anyuerism explode. Declared Brain dead (age 31) by Shands ICU Doctors and they advised the parents and wife to 'pull the plug', After several days of ICU I answered his wifes call from Facebook. Walked in on a Monday morning and called him back. Jesus said, "do as I have Taught you and you too will do the things I Do". 

A very well presented and documented video by the BBC on Jesus 'lost years' and His travels in India. There are churches still there in His name. He became a Buddhist Monk named Issa. Please Google Issa.

​​Joe Vitale's, The Secret, is really an interpretation of the teachings of Jesus. This video shows the parallels of the Power Of Attraction, and how it is we create our own futures. Simply said, Jesus said to focus on the Now. It is the most important instant in our life. The thought of our possible future as an electrical impulse across the synapses, is the start of a new fluid future.