in September 2017, a friend had a brain aneurysm explode. Declared Brain dead and in a coma (age 31) by Shands ICU Doctors they advised the parents and wife to 'pull the plug', After several days of ICU I answered his wifes call from Facebook. Walked in on a Monday morning. He could not breathe on his own. There were NO BRAIN WAVES, and it became a 'Lazarus' moment. My booming voice and God's presence filled the Halls.  Jesus said, "do as I have Taught you and you too will do the things I Do". JOHN `14:12

 My naysayers will continue to dispute the healings (even cancer) from my past BUT THIS ONE, they cannot take from me or God. 

BEST VIDEO YET OF EXPLANATION OF THE ORIGINS OF THE BIBLE. Probably one of the most inclusive and comprehensive video yet of the explanation of God(s) of the bible. It explains the 'cloak' of the allegories of the Bible and their non religious correct interpretations. Extremely worth the hour.

One of things I disagreed with, is where this video speaks of metaphors and symbologies. In my opinion, the Bible speaks of real events and people that through the divine construct of God, real life events coincided  with the lessons. The players of the Bible signed before they reincarnated back here in this timeline they chose to compete in. To give the rest of Humanity, Lessons For Life, The Bible. Thank You God.



May 2nd 2021 my friend in Orlando called me and hysterically telling me Priest in hospital had called her in to say good bye to her covid pos Gma. Called me from room and asked me to pray. Hung up, Prayed. Was told later her Gma showed immediate improvement and hours later tested negative for Covid. Home now. 

Origins of Man. Knowledge known by many and kept to the very elite. A person starts thinking different when the truth is known. 

CHARIOTS         OF THE             GODS

The novel by Zacharia Sitchin (I pray I get to meet this great Man), CHARIOTS OF THE GODS is a good starter to assist in one's understanding of Human History beyond the confines of the Bible. The Sumerians were a far advanced society. India had Flying machines and floating cities. The  Mahabharata and Vedic texts are so revealing. Sitchin is truly a hand of GOD. It is time for TRUTH. I will continue to preach truth also. A House (church) cannot be built on the sands of LIES. ONLY the bedrock of TRUTH and it will stand the winds of time.  I am forming a new religion glorifying Jesus, while recognizing Jesus is just ONE of Pure Source Love Energy's many names, but also teaching the truth of our origins being DNA manipulation by Aliens 13K years ago. Jesus based in science and Truth. He is real and He is alive.  Amen

Words have power over your life and others. Tesla says that we, at our  basic origin, are Light and Frequency. The meaning of the great I Am. 

What you need to know about the book of Enoch and the age of the Fallen. WTV site has many good videos. 

‚ÄčA Message of Love and Truth. Love is Fullfillment of The Law. The Bible is Corrupt, BUT there is much TRUTH.