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Excerpts from the book

Page 65 The argument for Aliens :
where is our nearest star? Many of the more educated will venture a guess as Alpha Centauri or the North Star.
Both answers are wrong. Our nearest star is the sun. That is what a star is, A sun.

Most all those twinkling lights in the sky are suns with most having planets revolving around them just as our sun does.  Our sun (star) is part of the Milky Way Galaxy which has more than a Billion suns (stars) in it (most with planets around them).

The possibility of life elsewhere starts becoming more of a reality as I watch their eyes and see the wonder pass over their faces when exposed to this new knowledge. 

Page 65 : My Space Center background 
"I will restate here that I have worked in an engineering position at Kennedy Space Center Florida. I also was an Inspector that represented NASA's interest in construction projects that were Space Shuttle related. That is where I first learned of the 1947 Roswell New Mexico crash of a ‘flying saucer’ and Alien bodies recovered"

Page 28 My Love interest in Europe. Leta. 
Hostage negotiation with armed masked terrorists in a former family home bombed by Bill Clinton in the 1990's,
"He listened to reason and in my mind, I saw the Indian Chief in the movie Josie Wales, sitting across from Josie and saying that my words of death had honor, and therefore my words of life had honor." Negotiations ended that night with us all living and not held as hostages.

I watched Leta as she had relinquished control of my own destiny to me. Beautiful in the semi darkness as she was beautiful in the light. I yearned for her but I dare not tell her. An incredible woman at 23. So intelligent, well trained, and deadly. The kind of woman I dreamed of siring warriors with.​

Masked camoflauged men armed with semi-automatic weapons surrounded us that night as if it could not have accelerated my heart any faster while admiring Leta. Her strong spirit and indominable will were only exceeded by her raw sexually appealing beauty.

Beauty always starts from within oneself, and she was an example of that.

Page 63: Love is the fulfillment of the Law.  ​

What I have learned is, more than anything, is that my personal relationship with the Lord is all about what is between me and him. It is not about any established religion and their rules. It is about how we act toward all forms of life (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and what is said and done in our prayer closets (seek God with all your heart), that define the relationship that we as Christians, develop with our Living Lord.  

Page 61: My arrival back Home. 

Many people do not realize that Paul never met Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. Paul persecuted and killed Christians and was on his way to Damascus to round up more for the killing when he met our Risen Savior. “I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting” (Acts 22:8). My faith was blind and accepting like Paul before recent years. Now, The Spirit is moving within me all the time if I allow myself to listen.

This adventure truly began the day I saw that tag IOU GOD appear before my eyes after receiving the news that I could go on the “Grand Adventure”.

That was not a co-incidence.

There are no coincidences