Celebrate Eve Free is officially registered with SunBiz FLl as a Non Profit. I have put my personal money into the account helping others when I can. I work for free. I Cannot continue to Help Others without your help. 



International training resulted in this trek in search for Truth. The main body of the story takes place in Macedonia North of Greece. We were embedded with the Macedonia military. 

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A Registered NON Profit, SUN BIZ Fl        ​EIN 93-1823476

In 2008 The Author, Joe Hill, went to Macedonia in Europe and participated in a Training Exercise designed to Train Personell pursuing a Public Safety Position and to be able to enter a Community anywhere in the world to Give Medical and Humanitarian Relief (ie Food etc) to ANY who need it. The training involved NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) Training.

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This is a story of a single Father on a training mission to Europe and Like Paul, We give Thanks for ALL things. 

Chapter One as read by the Author

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 Once Fully Physically established,​ ​​70cents of every dollar donated, guaranteed to assist those who are in need of assistance.  For our organization, advertising, etc. and ALL salaries are Administration.  70% guaranteed to be distributed to the Needy's needs. 30% for all other costs incurred.  

I am still paying for all expenses so far, out of my own pocket and working for zero pay. . I am Officially established with the State of Florida as a Non Profit. I am still establishing with IRS  as
​A Registered NON Profit, Fl  EIN 93-1823476​
​It only Requires more Cash Flow to pay them. 

And Thank you so very much assisting me in carrying forth my Dream of Helping others from where I myself have been and to spread our message of LOVE and Truth.

GOD IS LOVE Source Energy and goes by Many Names

Jesus Himself revealed this to me in a Dream in 1989. I detail this dream in my About The Author in The Afterwords of the E Book. A Very emotional Read for the Faithful.